WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

Visitors and Google recognize websites that can be maintained appropriately, reasonably updated, error-loose, and properly designed. This improves the overall consumer enjoyment. Our month-to-month provider includes all of the maintenance.

What’s Included in Our Maintenance Plans

Security Optimization

We provide maximum security with our tested and proven site configurations, making sure your website is as safe as possible.

Uptime Monitoring

Downtime really hurts. So we have made it our priority to monitor your site around the clock. If any issue arises, we take action immediately.

Speed Optimization

Our engineers work to speed up your website so it loads in under 2 seconds with rigorous testing and optimization keeping your visitors engaged.

Malware Scanning

Our team will monitor your site for any malicious activity through advanced security measures and real-time threat detection, keeping your website safe.

Regular Updates

Getting updates to WordPress core, themes, and plugins regularly can be a pain, but it's crucial for optimal security and performance. Let us do this.


We audit your site to make sure it displays flawlessly and passes Google's mobile-friendly test, ensuring a seamless user experience for visitors.

Cloud Backups

We'll back up your site on the cloud (at least once daily), ensuring your valuable data is always secure and readily recoverable if needed

Firewall Configuration

Highly secure firewall setup acts as a digital wall, shielding your website from malicious attacks and safeguarding your valuable data.

Flexible Pricing

We offer flexible pricing plans which let you choose what fits you best. So you only pay for the features you use.

How It Works

Here’s How to Get Started
Step 1
Select A Plan
We’ll help you decide which plan is the best fit for your website and budget
Step 2
Give us access to your website. We will guide you on what website access we’ll need.
Step 3
We roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, starting with a website audit to determine the health.
Step 4
You can now rest easy knowing Mainulextension is securing your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answer, we’ll work with you to fix it. We do our best to ensure stable update compatibility with themes and plug-ins before we update the core files or WordPress products, but there are times when the latest update causes unexpected results. When an update we perform causes the context to break, we will spend up to 1-hour trying to fix it.If the newest version of the theme or plugin doesn’t work properly on our website, we’ll rollback the update to the older versions of the theme or plugin that are still in working order, and give you a recommendation for a course of action to get the problem resolved.
You can add a self-destructing link to your credentials during checkout, or send them to us when you complete registration. Get them to us at your own convenience.